Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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Peas are excellent source of nitrogen.

Other plant nutrients are obtained from organic matter created by peas and grass.

Fall moisture is preserved by the insulating layer of organic material walked into and onto the sod by the grazing.

Sod/soil remains mellow from the 5½ inch deep Plant-O-Vating.

Rain water can easily accumulate in the root zone.

The Bahia and Bermuda grow better under canopy of peas for up to 60 to 70 days. They stay “juvenile” longer resulting in higher quality and quantity.


NOTE: The Chinese Red Cow Pea is on a stalk rather than a vine (like the iron and clay pea). It does not smother out the grass when late harvested (over 50 days).


Results when Plant-O-Vating every 2 years can produce very inexpensive, quality forage and maybe sufficient forage for some cow/calf operations.


No chemicals,

No soil erosion,

No fertilizer runoff.

Sod/soil improves yearly.


Compare results and cost with conventional methods.

A “feed lot” of tender, quality grasses growing among the peas.

recap of observations of sod-based farming