Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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Late Summer and Fall Grazing with An Economical Two-Year Program

Plant-O-Vated mid-summer in Bahia sod with good pH level, year 2010.

Weather conditions slightly less than normal.


July 2010: Interseeded 30 lbs. Chinese Red Cow Peas into perennial Bahia (or Bermuda) grass.

180 - 200 lbs. 8-24-24 placed under seed.


(Excellent fall grazing.)


Fall 2010: Mob grazed early October pea seed (grain) and high quality high protein forage.         

Followed grazing and spread 35 lbs. rye grass and chain harrowed into rich, organic ground cover, green cow manure and mellow, loose soil from July Plant-O-Vating.

Grazed rye grass, winter 2010-2011


(Not one day of grazing lost.)


2011: Chinese Red Cow Peas volunteered (from 2010 seeding) and was grazed.

(Unusual condition allowed “shattered peas” to survive the winter grazing. This was seen only one year.)

Fall 2011: Rye grass was again spread and chain harrowed. Some volunteer rye grass was seen.

2011-2012: Grazed rye grass 2011-2012.

2012: Bahia emerged and was grazeable as rye grass matured and disappeared.