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Rye grass plant-o-vated in Bermuda sod

Text Box: At the request of Dr. Lang with the Mississippi State University, the Agricultural Dept. experimented at their farm near Starkville, Mississippi, using the Plant-O-Vator. 

Object was to see how early rye grass could be available for grazing in North Mississippi.

The following is an excerpt from his summary. (His reference to the Tarver No-Till Drill is actually the Plant-O-Vator.) 

Please call us if you would like the complete test results.
Rye grass planted in Bermuda sod using the Plant-O-Vator

Varying rate of fertilizer can be seen in height of crop.

Rye grass plant-o-vated by Mississippi state university

Rye grass plant-o-vated in Moultrie, georgia