Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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§ Rye grass was planted in this Bahia acreage October 2003 and grazed several times during the winter.

§ The Bahia started its new spring growth while the cattle were still grazing the rye grass. The corn was planted May 10. (Cattle can continue grazing Bahia until corn has sprouted.)

§ The Bahia continues to grow under the tall corn and is available for hay or grazing (after harvesting the corn) until time to plant rye grass again.

§ It is absolutely amazing how much forage can be grown on one acre for so little “input”.

§ Tiff leaf millet and peas planted together in Bahia sod also do very well in producing silage or hay.

Note: Bahia grass in 12-inch corn rows received less sunlight, using less fertilizer than in 24-inch rows.

The corn in 12-inch rows grew better and produced more than in 24-inch rows.

24-inch rows

12-inch rows. $88 seed.

Left side, $5 feed corn for seed.          

Right side, $88 seed.

12-inch rows

corn plant-o-vated in bahia grass sod, MAY 2004