Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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Soybeans and millet Plant-O-Vated in Bahia Grass Sod, june 20,2008

Louisiana State University tests show legumes interseeded in grasses produce up to 4 tons of dry matter with 15 to 22% crude protein with less fertilizer input. Considerable nitrogen production for grasses and nitrogen residue in soil after summer growing season is available for winter pastures.

Cowpeas and Tiff Leaf Millet

53 days after planting.

Soybeans 53 days after planting.

As the peas and beans grow, it is apparent they nourish the grass with considerable nitrogen, creating a high quality and large quantity of forage for very low cost.

Bahia grass grew under canopy, remained tender and had no seed heads for up to 70 days.

The Bahia continued producing high quality and quantity forage after harvest of peas and Bahia.