Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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University of Florida’s Study, Importance of Our Sod

Sod Based Farming Results

Plant O Vator Seed Bed

Seed Bed Comparison

Sod Never Destroyed With the Plant O Vator System

One Trip System

Benefits of the Plant O Vator System

Economical Two Year Program

Plant O Vated Crops

             Chinese Red Cow Peas

             Sudan Grass

             Chinese Red Cow Peas Second Crop

             Winter Wheat

             Rye Grass


             Bean, Peas, Clay Cow Peas

             Iron Clay Cow Peas

             Sweet Sorghum

             Cow Peas

             White Ladino Clover

             Mung Beans and Soybeans

             Soybeans and Millet

             Hays Barley


             Tiff Leaf Millet

             Corn and Cow Peas

             Colorado Plantings

             Colorado and Wyoming Plantings

             Montana Plantings