Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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§ Interseeded legumes produce high amounts of nitrogen for their growth and for the perennial grass sod they are Plant-O-Vated in.

§ Considerable organic matter from the pea vines are worked into the sod by the grazing cattle creating fertility and mulch cover helping conserve moisture.

§ When the legumes and other crops are grazed off/harvested, lush grasses are left. Why? Because the sod is renovated, fertilized and ready to produce even more—with the nitrogen residue from the legumes.

The Bahia continued producing high quality and quantity forage after harvest of peas and Bahia.


As the peas and beans grow, it is apparent they nourish the grass with considerable nitrogen.

Heavy, lush Bahia grass found under canopy of peas

High quality, large quantity of forage for very low cost