Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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1 month after planting

Rapid growth was achieved in spite of the low moisture conditions.

Plant-O-Vated in 13-inch rows in very dry, hard, root bound Bahia grass sod.

Mixture of Tiff Leaf Millet and Iron Clay Cow Peas

Your millet/peas demo crop was quite a conversation piece among producers/neighbors. It grew rapidly in spite of low moisture conditions.

“When it reached 42-46 inches, I was urged by several experienced cattlemen to try ‘creeping’ by raising lower electric polywire to a height that would allow smaller (late) calves to graze while excluding larger calves and cows. This worked for several days.

I woke up early one morning to literally hear ‘biting’ and ‘chomping’. The whole herd had violated the 3500 volt temp electric fence and mowed the patch down in a matter of hours.

I wished I had 50 acres.”

Excerpt from a Louisiana farmer’s letter of August 25, 2000

Plant-O-Vated in Bahia grass sod early June, 2000—the driest year on record in Louisiana

Bahia grass flourished after millet and peas were grazed off.