Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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The one trip system

Utilizing only one trip of the Plant-O-Vator®:         

           Grass is cultivated.

           Fertilizer is placed 4- to 5-1/2 inches below ground level.

           Peas are interseeded.

           And reservoir is created for water storage.

           Producing perennial grasses are not destroyed.

Calving needs to be scheduled for October and November (especially in the Deep South) to have feed-lotting animals finishing themselves on peas the last 4 months before slaughter. Their age would be 22-24 months and their finished weight from 1200 to 1325 pounds.

Actually cultivates and enhances their production while producing the interseeded crop. 


Allows interseeding Chinese Red Cow Peas into perennial grasses.


(Evidence exists that peas furnish substantial nitrogen for the growth of the perennial summer grasses with nitrogen carryover for winter rye grass.)


Grasses flourish in canopy shade of the peas remaining juvenile longer.

           Results in more than twice the quality and quantity.

                             A perfect growing environment.


After Plant-O-Vating in sod in normal conditions, Chinese Red Cow Peas mature in 47 to 50 days.

For continuous “feed-lotting”, a new paddock should be Plant-O-Vated every 17 to 18 days from late April until early August.