Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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the ultimate “grass-fed” beef

A “Pea Picker”

The peas, combined with the tender quality grasses growing amongst them become a “feed lot” for producing rapid weight gains, tasty, marbled, healthy meat.

Raised on bountiful, tender, quality grass.

Finished on green, self-harvested pea grain.

Utilizing only one trip of the Plant-O-Vator, the grass is cultivated, fertilizer placed 4- to 5˝- inches below ground level. Peas are interseeded and a reservoir created for water storage.                                                      

A perfect growing environment.

Grass growing in the shade under the pea plant canopy remains juvenile longer and results in high quality and quantity. There is evidence the peas furnish substantial nitrogen for the grass.

No hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals, no soil erosion, no fertilizer runoff.

Only one trip plus opening and closing of paddock gates.