Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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The new features can be added to some older model Plant-O-Vators.

The operator and parts manual has been carefully created to enable any tractor driver/operator (experienced in the use of planting, cultivating and harvesting implements) to easily learn the art of Plant-O-Vating anywhere in farmable ground and maintain the Plant-O-Vator®.

Furthermore, this website has 22 years of information you may find interesting and useful in the art of sod-based farming.

Especially study the results of interseeding Chinese Red Cow Peas. When planted in a deep 5˝ inch seed bed, they are the most remarkable, fast growing (maturing in 47-50 days) nitrogen-producing, grass-producing, forage-producing legume. They provide a new day, a new way, for finishing grass-fed beef to a “higher level” for less cost.

Marbling, Tender, Tasty Beef….

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Excerpts from the 2015 Plant-O-Vator® Operator’s Manual