Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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AIM: Forage-finish 1,000 to 1,200 pound steers

500 lb. steers started rotational grazing July 27, 2009, 68 days after planting.

Following the steers, Momma cows “mob grazed” quality grass and pea vines and some leaves.

Observed unusual, substantial re-growth of cow peas.

Iron clay cow Peas

May 20, 2009, in dry conditions, Plant-O-Vated 45 pounds of iron clay cow peas into Bahia Sod using 200 pounds of 8-24-24, pH 5.78.

Received some rain last of May.

No rain in June.

First rain, July 6th.

Balance of July received adequate rain.