Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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Text Box: The Plant-O-Vator:
Very little moisture is lost when making the seed bed.
All grinding action is under ground and not dried out as in discing.
Text Box: Planting into “perennial” pasture grass/sod enhances grass growth while growing interseeded crops.
Many varieties of seed and mixtures of seed can be grown—summer and winter.
In the deep south region—with good management and weather—green crops year ‘round are possible.
Text Box: 12”

Text Box: Seed bed becomes large reservoir for water/moisture storage.

Plant-o-vator® Seed bed

Shallow seeding—no “tilled” seed bed and no deep fertilizer placement.

End view below shows 12" row centers, 9" between cultivated areas. 

Soil fractures are created by opening shanks—resulting in total renovation. 

Fertilizer with aid of rain water migrates under roots from one row to the other row.



Seeding Area

Zone of fertilizer mixed into soil

Text Box: 3 inches
Text Box: Down to 5½ inch depth

Ground level

Loose, tilled soil layered over fertilizer zone.

Protects seed germ.

This deep fertilizer placement allows heavy application without harming new seed and  encourages roots to go deep for feeding.

Text Box: 2 inches

conventional     disc-opener drill

Renovating, cultivating the sod, fertilizing and seeding—

all in one trip.

Seeding Area