Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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2015 Spring Trips

Tripping and cleaning without dismounting

Clearing the shanks of plugged tree roots and heavy trash:

Stop the tractor (do not lift the Plant-O-Vator), pull and hold tension on the rope attached to the trip lever.

Pull forward (with Plant-O-Vator still in the ground) about 1 feet and all the shanks will trip (See Picture No. 2, previous page) and lock in upright position.

Release the rope and lift the Plant-O-Vator. The debris will fall out.

Pull forward approximately 1 feet (to clear the debris).

Pull the rope and all the shanks will fall and relock.

Proceed planting.

Tripping in tree roots

Dumping and clearing tree roots

Dumping roots and trash

Too near fence row?

Tripping in roots and trash

Without dismounting from tractor.