Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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2015 Sod/Trash Slicing Coulters (traction driven)

Allow Plant-O-Vating in some CRP-type ground cover conditions previously not possible.

Chinese Red Cow Peas into heavier ground cover and standing, tall weeds

2015 Spring Trips Tripping and cleaning without dismounting

SPRING TRIPS replace shear bolts for conditions having immoveable objects such as rocks and tree roots found in marginal ground conditions.

If the ripping point strikes an immoveable rock, stump, etc., there is a spring tripping device (G80) that allows the shank to move up and out of the ground. Stop the tractor. Pick up the Plant-O-Vator, pull rope lever (from tractor seat) and the shank will fall and relock automatically.

One shank tripped

All shanks tripped


Lever (with rope to driver)

(Boxes removed for viewing tripping device)