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Fertilizer Tube

Seed Tube

8  Lever to adjust soil cover over the seed








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Understanding the Plant-O-Vator Operation in Sod

Heavy main frame Tube 6x6x1/2” wall

Mounting frame and ripping shank (TK1-4) from 3/4” No. 572 G50 memory steel

Plant-O-Vator Construction

· Beginning at the front there is a pair of slicing and grinding coulters, No. 1 (Patent pending). They slice the sod, grind and incorporate the roots, soil and ground cover being lifted up into them by the ripping point, No. 2, which is penetrating approximately 5 to 5˝ inches.

· Behind the ripping point is Mole Plow No. 3. It is carving out the side walls to approximately 3 inches wide and turning ground-up roots and soil to the bottom of the furrow.

· Granular or liquid fertilizer is channeled out on top of Mole Plow No. 3 and covered and well mixed with the soil by Mole Plow No. 4. This places the fertilizer in a zone approximately 4– to 5˝ inches below the ground surface.

· Seed are channeled out the Seed Tube No. 5 and covered with flowing soil created by the front coulters, ripping point and two mole plows.

· Seed depth is regulated by Lever No. 8 that raises and lowers Discharge Tube No. 5 — angle of delivery.

· Lower the tube to near vertical position and seed are placed before much of the soil is channeled into the seed bed—therefore up to 3/4 inch of soil is placed over the seed.

· Raising the tube and angling it to the rear, channels more soil into the seed bed before the seed. Use this method to fine tune from approximately 1/16” cover to 3/4” of cover on the seed. Perfect first, one row, and then adjust others the same. As conditions change, re-check and  re-adjust as needed.