Chinese Red Cow Peas

In Bahia Grass

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As of May 27, 2012, rye grass nearly gone, Bahia grass lush and was grazed by 23 animals on 10 acres.

Bahia showed no sign of needing fertilizer.

Results are 2 full years from only one Plant-O-Vating (fuel savings), 200 lbs. 8-24-24 (average 100 lbs. per year) (fertilizer savings) and 30 lbs. repeating Chinese Red Cow Peas (average 15 lbs. per year).

(60 lbs. ammonia nitrate spread once on some rye grass and none on the balance. Very little difference seen.)

Abundance of high protein, high quality forage (and grain) all harvested by rotational grazing.

Made excellent balage.

NOTE: The timing and circumstances allowed the Chinese Red Cow Pea seed to lay on the sod throughout the winter.

During the grazing of the overseeded rye grass (until the Bahia grass had come out of its dormancy  in the spring and was being grazed)—only then did it sprout, root and produce.

Was only seen one time.

It does suggest possibilities that need to be pursued.


Compare cost.

Compare investment and risks.



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